Our Agreement
By placing an advertisement on Let-iT-Out.com, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.
1. Contents of Your Advertisement
You agree that your advertisement:
a. is an accurate description of:
(i) a property that you genuinely have available to share or rent; or
(ii) yourself, and that you are genuinely seeking a property to share or rent; or
(iii) yourself and that you are genuinely seeking to team up with other flatseekers to find a place to share or rent together.
b. does NOT contain offensive language or images; and,
c. does NOT violate the privacy, copyright or any other rights of any third party.
You acknowledge that Let-iT-Out.com may edit or remove all or part of your advertisement if we reasonably believe that your advertisment contains contents in breach of the terms above.
2. Display of Your Advertisement
You agree that your advertisement will be displayed on Let-iT-Out.com until:
a. it is deactivated by you using a deactivation utility on the website or incorporated into an email from Let-iT-Out.com
b. it is automatically deactivated by Let-iT-Out.com after the expiration of your paid subscription period
c. it is automatically deactivated by Let-iT-Out.com after 10 days display on the site, during which time
(i) you do not login to the site; or
(ii) you do not respond to a reminder email from Let-iT-Out.com asking you to confirm that your listing is still current
d. it is deactivated by Let-iT-Out.com due to a breach of the requirements in paragraph 1 above.

You agree that a synopsis of your advertisement - without any identifying information and linking back to Let-iT.Out.com - may be posted on other relevant websites under joint marketing agreements with Let-iT-Out.com in order to increase awareness of your advertisement and improve the probablility of finding a successful match.
3. Use of Internal Email Facility
Let-iT-Out.com offers use of an internal email facility to advertisers on the site. It may be used to anonymously contact other advertisers on the site.
The email facility is subject to the following fair use policy.
You agree:
(i) not to use racist, sexist or other offensive language
(ii) not to send an unreasonable number of multiple emails, either in total or to a single advertiser.
(iii) not to promote other businesses, products or services other than Let-iT-Out.com products or services.
You acknowledge that Let-iT-Out.com may block individual messages, limit the number of messages or suspend the service altogether, if we reasonably believe that your use of the email facility is in breach of the terms above.
4. Payment
It is free to advertise on Let-iT-Out.com.

Payment is required only should you wish to upgrade to Premium Membership allowing you to contact your mutually confirmed matches on the site.

Premium Membership is for a fixed subscription period selected by you.

The payment required will vary with the duration of your membership. The schedule of membership periods and associated payments is:

2 months for $19.99
4 months for $34.99
6 months for $49.99
1 year for $74.99

A 10% discount applies to all advertisements where two or more advertisements are run concurrently by the same user.

In selecting a Premium Membership period, providing your credit card details and clicking the button marked "pay", you authorise Let-It-Out (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 61 100 147 591) to make an immediate charge for the specified amount against your nominated credit card account.
5. No Match No Pay Guarantee
Let-iT-Out.com guarantees that EVERY Premium Member will receive at least one Gold Star Match where both advertisers have mutually shortlisted the other.

To ensure that this is the case, the payment system will NOT accept payment for Premium Membership until at least one Gold Star Match has been generated.

Further, Let-iT-Out will REFUND IN FULL the Premium Membership fee applicable to a paid listing if, at the end of the paid subscription period, an advertiser has not received contact details from at least one other paying advertiser where the two advertisers have mutually shortlisted one another.

Eligibility for the guarantee will be automatically calculated by the system and a qualifying advertiser informed of the refund at the time of the expiry of the ad.

The No Match No Pay Guarantee does not apply in the event that display of the listing is terminated by the advertiser within the subscription period.

Similarly, if the advertiser chooses to extend the subscription period, the No Match No Pay Guarantee will apply once only to the entire extended subscription period.
6. Responses to Your Advertisement
You acknowledge that Let-iT-Out.com provides you with an advertising service. We make no warranties about the number and suitability of any responses to your advertisement.

The advertiser takes full responsibility for the decision to share accommodation with, or rent property from, another advertiser and acknowledges that Let-iT-Out.com in no way recommends the suitability of any person as an appropriate flatmate or tenant.
7. Information Messages
From time to time, and no more than twice per calendar year, Let-iT-Out.com may send you information on new and improved features of the site.

System-generated emails advising you of specific information concerning your advertisement - for example, that another user has shortlisted your advertisement, may contain a small banner ad promotion for a related service.
8. Privacy
Your personal information is NEVER sold. Nor is it given to any third party unless you ask us to.

Additionally, your email address is NEVER published on the web nor disclosed by other means to any third parties except as required by law.
9. Our Undertakings to You
Let-iT-Out.com undertakes to:
a. ensure that the advertisement content input by you is accurately displayed on the site without errors (except content edited or removed by Let-iT-Out.com under paragraph 1 above);
b. make all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the site is available on-line without interruption; and,
c. make all reasonable commercial efforts to market the site to prospective landlords, flatsharers and tenants.