At, we have no wordy privacy policy with all sorts of get-outs and excuses. Our commitment to your privacy comes down to five simple promises:
1. YOU choose how much to share
It's your information so you choose just how much or how little you want to display in your ad. Potentially sensitive fields such as your street name are optional fields which you may choose to complete or not as you prefer. Other information such as your surname and street number are NEVER disclosed.
2. YOU choose WHO to share your contact details with
Your phone number(s) are only disclosed to other users that have paid for Premium Membership and that you have personally shortlisted as a suitable person with whom to share your information. You even have the option of initially communicating anonymously using the online mailbox facility and only then choosing to disclose your phone number(s).
3. Your email address is NEVER disclosed
Our online mailbox facility means that you can send emails to and receive emails from other users without your personal email address ever being disclosed. As your email address is NEVER published on the web, you are protected from spammers and internet fraudsters.
4. Your Information, Your Purpose
You give us your information to help find a flatmate, tenant, place to share or place to rent. And that's all we use it for as well as the internal operations of our business. Your information is NEVER sold nor is it given to any third party unless you ask us to.
5. We Keep It Safe
Your information is safely and securely stored under strict access controls. And, of course, all internet payments use certified 128-bit SSL encryption technology to keep your card details safe.