How it works!

1. Preview our database

In just one click from the home page, you can preview the full listings on
Simply select the type of listing and the area you are interested in. Browse and see for yourself the number and quality of our listings.

No pressure

At we believe in an open and honest approach. There's no need to create a profile before accessing our database - you can decide for yourself whether it's worth going on to the next step.

Fresh Ad Guarantee

And our Fresh Ad Guarantee gives you the confidence of knowing that every listed advertiser has been active in the last ten days. No more wasted time with ads that are weeks or even months out of date.

2. Create a FREE Ad

It takes less than ten minutes to create a profile for yourself or your property.

Create a Property Ad

People who already have a home can choose to advertise a place to share or to rent out the whole property.

Create a Flatseeker Multi Ad

People looking for a place to live can use our unique Multi Ad to create one profile that allows you to be matched simultaneously with places to share, places to rent and even other people looking for a home thatyou can team up with.

Web's Most Detailed Profiles

Our detailed and entertaining profiles allow you to include up to five photos and use easy to understand icons as well as generous free text to make it easy to show yourself or your property in the best light.

3. Make First Contact uses its unique two-way matching algorithm to compare 32 different criteria in every listing and presents you a list of matches nicely ranked by percentage closeness to your ideal match.

How to Rate Your Matches

Evaluate every new match () and use the Personal Rating tool to mark those you like with a tick () to shortlist your favourites and choose a cross () to discard ads that aren't for you

Saving You Time

The system immediately sends an automatic message to everyone that you shortlist letting them know you'd be interested in talking.
And when you discard an ad the system automatically hides YOUR ad from the other's view. No message is sent.

And what if I change my mind?

Unlike other services you can change your rating at anytime later!

4. Confirm Mutual Match

Not only does the system automatically alert people on your shortlist that you'd like to speak with them, it also lets you know when someone has shortlisted you.

Look Out For Silver Stars

A silver star next to an ad in your match list shows you that you've been shortlisted by that advertiser. You can decide to shortlist them too or decline the match to politely say no thanks.

Look Out For Gold Stars

A gold star marks a match where both people have shortlisted the other. Now you can go ahead and contact each other confident that you both think there's a good chance of things working out.

5. Making Contact

It's only now that we ask you to pay!

Read Contact Details

Once you have already got one or more gold star confirmations that others are as keen to talk with you as you are to talk with them,we ask you to pay for access to their contact details.
Once they too upgrade to Premium Membership you can each see the contact details of the other.

No Match No Pay Guarantee

Our No Match No Pay Guarantee means you can be confident that you won't be wasting your time or money.
In the rare case that none of yourGold Star Matches (mutually shortlisted matches) goes on to exchange contact details, we will refund your membership fee in FULL!

6. Automatic Updates

Every day you will receive an email summary of all your possible matches allowing you to see what's new and keep an eye on any shortlisted favourites.

Instant Rating Alert

And of course, you receive immediate notification whenever someone shortlists your profile so you can be sure to respond fast to someone who you know is interested in you.

No Spam Alerts!

Other sites spam you with alerts whenever someone creates a new ad, in an attempt to look busy and impress you!
At we respect your time! An alert comes only from someone who has confirmed their interest in speaking with you!

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