Queer Eye for the Straight House!
If you were a landlord, would you rather have a gay who's a great tenant, pays rent on time and never disturbs the other tenants?
Or someone who is always late and drives away other good people?"
Landlord on Radio WXTN Indiniapolis talkback programme, April 25, 2005
Like the American landlord quoted above, it seems that 67% of investment property owners in the UK prefer gay and lesbian tenants in their properties.* The study found that gay and lesbian tenants are perceived to be more "easy-going, clean and reliable" than their heterosexual counterparts.

The positive attitude toward gay and lesbian tenants comes increasingly from straight landlords, like this landlord from Brighton, whose only concern is protecting their property investment:

Gay men and women have always looked after the properties and been considerate tenants. When renting to groups of straight students (and I'm speaking as a straight man myself) they've been a nightmare from start to finish.

However, it seems that although gay men and lesbians are preferable as tenants, 71% of homosexual tenants feel that real estate agents are failing to recognise their needs.
That's why Let-iT-Out.com has expanded from it's successful gay and lesbian share accommodation service to include rental properties targeted at the LGBT market as well.

Now it's possible for real estate agents and landlords to directly promote rental properties to the gay and lesbian market - and for gay and lesbian people to know that in responding to an ad they will be dealing with a gay-friendly environment!