1529 lesbian & gay flatmates looking for a home

There are 1529 available lesbian and gay flatmates seeking a home on Let-iT-Out.com. This is a daily summary of available gay and lesbian flatmates across Australia.

The Power of the Flatseeker Multi-Ad

You may notice that the overall total of flatseekers in all areas exceeds the total of 1529 flatmates as stated above.
That's because our flatseekers may contemporaneously be listed in several areas and even advertise for places to share, to rent and for people to team up with.
No other flatmate site (straight or gay) offers the greatest flexibility to be listed in such a wide variety of choices.

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Updated today:
10 December 13
10:06 PM

Daily list of flatmates

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1470 Flatmates looking for a place to share

ACT Canberra(44)
NSW Gosford & Central Coast(27)
NSW Newcastle(25)
NSW Northern Rivers(17)
NSW Sydney(621)
NSW Wollongong & Illawarra(19)
NSW Other Regions(22)
NT Northern Territory(7)
QLD Brisbane(406)
QLD Far North(17)
QLD Gold Coast(91)

QLD Sunshine Coast(26)
QLD Other Regions(14)
SA Adelaide(25)
SA Other Regions(7)
TAS Tasmania(5)
VIC Geelong(9)
VIC Melbourne(264)
VIC Other Regions(15)
WA Perth(86)
WA Other Regions(0)

1137 Flatmates looking for a place to rent

ACT Canberra(26)
NSW Gosford & Central Coast(20)
NSW Newcastle(20)
NSW Northern Rivers(13)
NSW Sydney(506)
NSW Wollongong & Illawarra(18)
NSW Other Regions(22)
NT Northern Territory(7)
QLD Brisbane(314)
QLD Far North(16)
QLD Gold Coast(72)

QLD Sunshine Coast(23)
QLD Other Regions(15)
SA Adelaide(23)
SA Other Regions(8)
TAS Tasmania(4)
VIC Geelong(9)
VIC Melbourne(194)
VIC Other Regions(13)
WA Perth(68)
WA Other Regions(0)

899 Flatmates looking to team up with someone

ACT Canberra(28)
NSW Gosford & Central Coast(19)
NSW Newcastle(17)
NSW Northern Rivers(12)
NSW Sydney(388)
NSW Wollongong & Illawarra(14)
NSW Other Regions(15)
NT Northern Territory(4)
QLD Brisbane(248)
QLD Far North(11)
QLD Gold Coast(61)

QLD Sunshine Coast(19)
QLD Other Regions(10)
SA Adelaide(18)
SA Other Regions(6)
TAS Tasmania(4)
VIC Geelong(9)
VIC Melbourne(162)
VIC Other Regions(10)
WA Perth(54)
WA Other Regions(0)