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Cross Referenced Feedback

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The best advertising is the recommendation of a happy customer!
That's why we make two promises about the customer feedback shown on our site:
  • IT'S REAL! Click on every feedback listing and you can link through to the original ad of the person providing the feedback - and see for yourself if they succeeded in finding a flatmate.
  • WE REACT! When we get the occasional criticism or suggestion for improvement, we put our response online so you can judge for yourself if you think we're fair.

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The testimonials shown on their sites are not referenced to a listing.

And there are no negative comments!

Fresh Ad Guarantee

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Never waste your time on a stale ad!
When an advertiser has not been active on for 10 days their listing is automatically suspended.

Plus Timestamp Authentication:
Every ad has a timestamp showing when the advertiser last logged in to check their results - public proof you can see for yourself showing how recently they were actively looking for a flatmate.

With a 10 day maximum and a timestamp showing latest activity, we give you maximum confidence that every ad on our site is truly still available.

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
How can you be sure that the ads listed are not already taken?
Listings on Sharespace/Gayshare carry no timestamp. This means you have no way of knowing when the advertiser last confirmed that they are still actively searching for a flatmate.

Their quote:
"Our staff will contact you from time to time to confirm your availability, if we don't receive a response within the specified time your profile may be suspended."
(Direct quote from Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 April 2006)


vote for usually tops the search results for phrases such as "gay share accommodation" or "lesbian flatmates" on Google, Yahoo and NineMSN. Try it yourself ....

Our popularity has been recognised by independent industry monitor Hitwise who have rated us one of the Top 10 Gay & Lesbian webiste in Australia.

More people visiting our site means more opportunities for you to find the right flatmate - fast!

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace consistently ranks higher than Sharespace on major search engines.

It's a virtuous circle. Since we are more popular, more people visit our site - giving you a wider choice and faster results - which keeps our ranking high.

The popularity gap is even greater in Melbourne - Gayshare doesn't seem to rate on the first page of any search engine.

Check it out for yourself.
Google proof: gay share accommodation, gay flatmates
Yahoo proof: gay share accommodation, gay flatmates
NineMSN proof: gay share accommodation, gay flatmates

Percentage Ranked Matches

vote for compares your listing with every other ad - and presents the results neatly ranked by percentage closeness to YOUR ideal match!

This approach means you can see and evaluate every possible match but are guided to the most suitable - letting you focus your time and effort on matches that are most likely to suit you.

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
We haven't been able to work out how they rank their matches.

It looks like they are simply presented in order of the date they were created - which is not much help to someone trying to identify who best to contact first.

One thing is clear ... you need to have the patience to read through more profiles to find the best matches.

Confirmed Match Alert

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Talk to people who want to talk to you! sends you an instant alert the moment another user shortlists your ad.

Rather than spam you with details of every possible match, our alert system provides immediate notification when someone is truly interested in your ad and has made the effort to shortlist you as someone they would like to contact.

You save time and effort since you only contact people who have personally expressed an interest in your ad - so you'll find the right person or place faster.

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Receive Match Alerts From System
Sharespace/Gayshare send you an email alert when the system identifies a match.

Since this is a system match rather than a personally confirmed match you will have to spend time talking with people who simply aren't interested in your listing - wasting your time and theirs.

Their quote:
"We'll search for you every day and notify you about new matches by email."
(Direct quote from Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 April 2006)


2-Way Room Match Maker

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A.I. 2-Way Room Match Maker uses a unique 2-way A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) matching algorithm to evaluate EACH of over 30 criteria from your listing against the same criteria from potential matches and assigns points based on the closeness to the mutually ideal match.

This approach means you can see and evaluate every possible match using criteria that truly are most important to you - saving you the time and effort demanded by other sites of manually changing your criteria to see if you can extract any more matches from the system. more about the 2-Way A.I.

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
Their 2-way System
As best we can determine, a so-called 2-way match occurs only when a few hard criteria align between two ads.
When, as is often the case, there are few or NO 2-way exact matches, you are left to trawl through a list of ONE WAY matches, based simply by area.

Change criterias to extract more matches
You must edit your ad and change the search criteria if you want to try to see more potential "exact" matches.

Easy Icons & Accurate Information

vote for uses fun and easy to understand icons to make it fast and entertaining to review a profile at a glance.

You can also upload up to five photos - protected against image distortion using our unique "No Squeeze Guarantee" - to give your ad extra appeal

We also provide detailed text descriptions and key information such as rent or age is provided as an exact figure rather than a range.

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
Descriptions are text-heavy and hard work to review with a maximum of 3 photos and you can only see them after you have paid.

And, in an effort to increase the number of "exact" matches vital information such as the rent amount or age is provided as a range rather than an exact amount.

Just what does it mean when the rent is quoted as something like:
$166 to $185 per week
$186 to $205 per week
$206 to $255 per week

(Direct quote (italic) from Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 Apr 2006)


Display of Contact Details

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We put you in control lets YOU choose who sees your contact details and when.

Contact details are exchanged ONLY when two advertisers mutually shortlist one another (a Gold Star Match) to show a genuine interest in making contact.

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
You have no control
Your contact details are automatically disclosed to anyone - and everyone! - who the system matches with your profile.

Their quote:
The Gayshare/Sharespace system chooses who sees your contact details.

"Whenever a [system] match is made we send 2-way introductions including contact details."
Direct quote from Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 April 2006

Email Address Disclosure

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Online Mailbox provides you with an online mailbox.

This means that your personal email address is NEVER published on the web - not even when you reply to emails from other users.

Our email security policy ...
"Communicate with other advertisers using your own online mailbox. As your personal email address is NEVER revealed it saves you the hassle of setting up a hotmail or yahoo account to protect yourself against spam and other unwanted contacts."

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
No Online Mailbox
You are required to use your own email address when corresponding to other users and your email address is published on the web.

This means that the only way to protect yourself against spam and fraudsters is to go to the trouble of creating and managing a throw-away email account using yahoo or hotmail.

Their quote:
"Your all users address is provided to other users of this service."
Direct quote from Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 Apr 2006


When you are asked to pay

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Pay on Results!
Using your FREE listing, you can shortlist other advertisers and send them messages showing your interest in their ad.

It is only if they also shortlist you to confirm a mutually acceptable match that you are asked to pay for access to their contact details.

In fact, the system is set so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay until you have received at least one gold star match.

With you pay only on results - a personal confirmation from another user that they are interested in talking with you.

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
Pay in Advance!
You are asked to pay for access to contact details when you are impressed with another advertiser's listing. There is no confirmation that they are also keen to talk with you.
You take the risk that they are not interested in your listing.

Their quote:
"You only pay for access to contact details if you're impressed."
(Direct quote from Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 April 2006)

Money Back Guarantee

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1. No Match No Pay Guarantee
Our system is set so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay for Premium Membership until you have received at least one Gold Star (mutually shortlisted) Match.

2. Money Back Guarantee + Automatic Refund
If none of your Gold Star Matches goes on to exchange contact details, your membership fee is AUTOMATICALLY REFUNDED IN FULL!

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
1. No Match No Pay Guarantee?
Gayshare & Sharespace do NOT offer a "no match no pay guarantee".

2. Money Back Guarantee
Their quote
"If you're dissatisfied with the professionalism of this service you can claim a full refund within 14 days. The guarantee applies to the process offered by Sharespace [Gayshare], not the number or nature of matches you receive, over which Sharespace [Gayshare] has no control."

(Direct quote from Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 April 2006)

FlatSeeker Multi-Ad

vote for offers a 3-in-1 Flatseeker Multi-Ad, a world first!

Create JUST ONE flatseeker profile and your advertisement will be matched simultaneously with places to share, places to rent and other flatseekers to team up with to find a place together.

We save you the hassle - and expense! - of setting up three different profiles.

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
Sharespace/Gayshare only allow you the option of searching for share accommodation and others to team up with. There are no rental listings.

To search for both share accommodation and others to team up with you need to create - and pay for two separate profiles.

All up you'll pay nearly $60 compared with as little as $19.99 on


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Pay for Results!
All advertisers pay the same fees - and only for results!

2 months$19.99
4 months$34.99
6 months$49.99
1 year$74.99

or vote for Gayshare/Sharespace
Pay in Advance!
Different users pay different fees - in advance!

To find a home: 2 months for $19.95
To find a flatmate:3 months for $39.95
To team up:3 months for $39.95
(Rates quoted on Sharespace/Gayshare websites - 1 April 2006)

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