Let-iT-Out.com's - Powerful A. I. 2-Way Room MatchMaker

Go Straight to Your Perfect Match

Let-iT-Out.com has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm to make it as fast and easy as possible to find your perfect match. We've worked for over a year to research and build our matching algorithm so we want to keep the exact process a secret. But the basic approach is straight forward.

The system considers over 30 different criteria drawn from your profile and compares them with those criteria in every other ad. And then, working more like a human being, it evaluates how close each pair of criteria are to a perfect match and assigns "match points" based on closeness to the ideal.

Maximum points are assigned when your preference for a particular criteria matches perfectly with someone else's criteria for the same match. For a near match, a few points are deducted. And the further from the ideal, the more points are deducted. Then the points for all the different criteria are added and each potential match gets a score showing how close it is to perfect.

You get match results neatly ranked by percentage closeness to your ideal. Which means you save time and effort by focussing your attention on matches that are more likely to be right for you.

No More "Advanced Searches"

This "fuzzy logic" approach has another benefit. You'll never have to do a so-called advanced search again.

Using our competitors' old-style matching system, the computer searches for an exact match on hard criteria. For example, if you ask the computer to find someone aged between 28 and 34 that is exactly what it does. Someone who is otherwise perfect for you but aged 35 won't show up.

You end up spending a lot of time running different searches tightening and loosening your criteria to make sure you see all the options. Too tight and no matches show up, too loose and you get flooded with "matches" that are virtually pointless.

Since Let-iT-Out.com evaluates every match, every day and ranks them all you can review every possibility - starting with the best - without the hassle of a manual search pretending to be "advanced".

The story of Ada and Eve

Ada is 26 years old and is looking to share with someone around the same age, say between 25 and 30. Eve is 31 and would prefer to share with someone between 30 and 40.

What they don't know is that except for their ages, they are an absolutely perfect match for each other on every other criteria.

Traditional Search - NO MATCH

Using the traditional hard-criteria two-way matching offered on most websites, Ada and Eve don't match and will never see each other's profiles. Ada's search results will only include people between 25 and 30 so Eve won't show. And Eve's search results will only include people between 30 and 40, so Ada won't show.

Even if one of them were to edit her search criteria to be more flexible on preferred age range to try and get more matches, a traditional two-way matching algorithm still won't show a match as one is still outside the other's preferred age range. Only if they both edited their search criteria would a match result.

Although they are a perfect match in all other respects, the hard criteria search is too limited and they never see each other's profiles - and miss out on the chance to consider each other as potential flatmates.

Let-iT-Out 2-Way A.I Room MatchMaker - MATCH!

But what happens when they advertise with Let-iT-Out.com and let the A.I. Room MatchMaker go to work?

Ada and Eve still don't match perfectly on their age preferences. But Let-iT-Out.com's A.I. Room MatchMaker sees how well they match on other criteria and how near to a match their age preferences are and makes sure that they get to evaluate each other's profiles.

The system notices that at 31, Eve is only 1 year outside Ada's preferred age range of 25 to 30. It's not a 100% match but very close so the system assigns say 98% to the match.

But Ada's age of 26 is 4 years younger than Eve's preferred age range of 30 to 40. This match is not quite so close, so the system assigns say 92% to the match.

The last step is to simultaneously evaluate the closeness of both matches. Eve is a 98% match for Ada and Ada is a 92% match for Eve, so overall they are a 95% match for each other.

Both Ada and Eve appear in the results of the other's searches. They can both see that although it is not quite a perfect match - because of the slight difference in their age preferences - they can also see that it is pretty close.

In the real world, this powerful process operates simultaneously across all 30 different matching criteria. So Ada and Eve - or you and your potential matches! - are guided to the best possible results.